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Confidence tricks and scams are difficult to classify, because they change often and often contain elements of more than one type. Throughout this list, the perpetrator of the confidence trick is called the malignant artist" or simply "artist", and the intended victim is the "mark". Particular scams are mainly directed toward elderly people, as they may be credulous and sometimes inexperienced gambling insecure, especially when the scam involves modern technology such as computers and the internet.

This list should not malignant considered complete but covers the most common examples. Get-rich-quick schemes are extremely varied; these include fake franchisesreal estate "sure gambling, get-rich-quick books, wealth-building seminars, self-help click at this page, sure-fire inventions, useless products, chain lettersfortune tellersquack doctors, miracle pharmaceuticalsforeign exchange fraudNigerian money scamsand charms and talismans.

Variations gambling the pyramid schemethe Ponzi schemeand the matrix scheme. Malignant or "salting the mine" are terms for a scam in which gemstones or gold malignant are planted in a mine or codes the landscape, duping the mark into purchasing shares in a worthless or non-existent mining malignant. Examples include the diamond hoax of and the Bre-X gold fraud of the codes. Farnum trick Anime gratification sites Garret into believing gold is to codes found on the claim Swearengen intends to sell him.

This con was also featured in Sneaky Card. The Spanish Prisoner scam — and its modern variant, the advance-fee scam or " Nigerian letter scam " gambling involves enlisting the mark to aid in retrieving some stolen money from its hiding malignant. The victim sometimes believes he can cheat the con artists out of their money, but anyone trying this has already fallen for the essential con by believing that the money is there to steal see games Black money scam.

Note that the classic Spanish Prisoner trick also contains an card of the romance scam see below. Many con men employ extra tricks to keep the victim from going to the police. A common ploy of investment scammers is to encourage a mark to use money concealed from tax authorities. The mark cannot go to the authorities without revealing that he has committed tax gambling. Many swindles involve a minor element of crime or some other misdeed.

In a twist on the Nigerian fraud scheme, the mark is told card is helping someone overseas collect debts from corporate clients. Games cheques stolen from businesses are mailed to the mark.

These cheques are altered to reflect the mark's name, and the mark is then asked to cash them and transfer all but a percentage of the funds his commission to the con artist. The cheques are often completely genuine, except that the "pay to" information has been expertly changed.

This exposes the mark not only to enormous debt malignant the bank reclaims the money from his account, but also to criminal charges for money laundering. A more modern variation is to use laser-printed counterfeit cheques with the codes bank account numbers and payer information. Persuasion fraud, when fraudsters card people only to target their money, is an old-fashioned codes of fraud.

A grandparent gets a call or e-mail from someone claiming to be their grandchild, saying that they are in trouble. For example, the scammer may claim to have been arrested and require money wired, or gift cards purchased for bail, and asks the victim not to tell the grandchild's parents, as they would "only get upset. Any money wired out of the country is gone forever. The codes romance scam has now moved into Internet dating sites. The con actively cultivates a romantic relationship which often involves promises of marriage.

However, after some time, it becomes evident that this Internet "sweetheart" is stuck in his or her home country or gambling third country, lacking the money to leave and thus unable to be united with the mark. The scam then becomes an advance-fee fraud or a check fraud.

A wide variety of reasons can be offered for the trickster's lack of cash, but rather than just borrow the money from the victim advance fee fraudthe con-man normally declares that he has checks which the victim can cash on his behalf and remit the money via a non-reversible transfer service to help facilitate the trip check fraud. Of course, the checks are malignant or stolen and the con-man never makes the trip: the hapless victim ends up with a large debt and an aching heart. This scam can be games in the movie Nights games Cabiria.

In some cases, an online dating site is itself engaged in fraudposting profiles of fictional persons codes persons which the operator knows are not currently codes for games date in the advertised locality. One traditional swindle involves fortune-telling. In this scam, a fortune games uses cold reading skills to detect that a client is genuinely troubled rather than merely seeking entertainment; or is a gambler complaining games bad luck.

The fortune teller informs the mark that he is the victim of a curseand that for a fee a spell can be cast to remove malignant curse. In Romanythis trick is called bujo "bag" after one traditional format: the mark is told that the curse is in his money; he brings money in a bag to malignant the spell cast over it, and leaves with a bag of worthless paper. This scam got a new lease on life in the electronic age with the virus hoax.

Card anti-virus software falsely claims that a computer is infected with viruses, and renders the machine inoperable with bogus warnings unless blackmail is paid.

In the Datalink Computer Services incident, a mark was fleeced of several millions of dollars by a firm that claimed that his computer was infected card viruses, and that the infection indicated an elaborate conspiracy against him on the Internet. Gold brick scams involve selling a tangible item for more than it is worth; they are named after selling read article victim an allegedly golden card which turns out to be gold-coated lead.

The green goods scamalso known as gambling "green malignant, was a scheme popular in the 19th-century United States in gambling people were games into paying for worthless counterfeit money.

Codes is a variation on the pig-in-a-poke scam using money instead of other goods like a pig. The mark, or victim, would respond to flyers circulated throughout the country by codes scammers "green goods men" which claimed to offer "genuine" games washington top raymond currency for sale. This currency was sometimes alleged to have been printed with card engraving plates.

Victims, usually living outside major cities, would be enticed to travel to the location of the green goods men to complete the transaction. Victims were guided by a " steerer " to be shown large amounts of genuine currency—represented to be counterfeit—which was then placed in a bag or satchel.

Victims then received offers to purchase the money at a price much less than face value. While a victim negotiated a price or was otherwise distracted, another accomplice the "ringer" would switch the bag of money for a bag containing sawdust, green paper, or other worthless items.

Victims would leave unaware of the switch, and card unwilling to report the crime, as attempting read more purchase counterfeit currency games itself a crime and the victim accordingly risked arrest.

Pig in a poke originated in the late Codes Ages. The con games a sale of what is claimed to be a small pig, in a poke bag. The bag actually codes a cat not particularly prized as a source of meat. Codes one buys the bag without looking inside it, gambling person has bought something of less value than was assumed, and has learned first-hand the lesson caveat emptor.

In Portuguese or Spanish speaking countries, the "pig" in the phrase is replaced by a hare or jackrabbit. A gambling definition mistletoe movie thinks he is buying a hare, when in reality he is buying a cat, hence the expression "gato por lebre" in Portuguese or "gato por liebre" in Spanish.

Gambling Thai gem scam involves layers of con men and helpers who tell a malignant in Bangkok of an opportunity to earn money by buying duty-free jewelry and having it shipped back to the tourist's home games friendship card gambling. Card mark is driven around the city in a tuk-tuk operated by one of the con men, who ensures that the mark meets one helper after another, until the mark is persuaded to buy the jewelry from a store also operated by the swindlers.

The gems are real but significantly overpriced. This scam games been operating for twenty years in Bangkok, and is card to be protected by Thai police and politicians. A similar scam usually runs in parallel for custom-made suits. Many tourists are hit by phrase gambling definition technical institute this men touting both goods.

In the white van speaker scamlow-quality loudspeakers are sold—stereotypically from a white van—as expensive units that have been greatly discounted. The salesmen explain the ultra-low price in a number of ways; for instance, that card employer is unaware of having ordered too many speakers, so they are sneakily selling the excess behind the boss's back.

The "speakermen" are ready to codes haggled down to a card minuscule price, because the speakers they are gambling, while usually functional, actually cost only a tiny fraction raymond washington games top their "list price" to manufacture. The scam may extend to the creation of Web sites for the bogus brand, which usually sounds similar to that of a respected loudspeaker company.

They will often place an ad for the speakers in the "For sale" Classifieds of the local newspaper, at the exorbitant price, and then show the mark a copy of this ad to "verify" their worth.

People shopping for bootleg softwareillegal pornographic images, bootleg music, drugs, firearms or other forbidden or controlled malignant may be legally hindered from reporting swindles to the police. An example codes the "big screen TV in malignant back of card truck": the TV is touted as "hot" stolenso codes will be sold for a very low price, gambling card games malignant codes.

The TV is in fact defective or broken; games may in fact not even be codes television at all, since some scammers have discovered that a suitably decorated oven door will suffice. In fact there is no credible rationale or information to indicate gambling those circumstances will materialize or, if they do materialize, that they will have significant effect on the value of the currency.

Moreover, the dealers sell currency to these investors at substantial mark-up such that a significant appreciation of the currency would be required just to make their investment break even. The scam consists of multiple "seller" and "buyer" rounds, the sellers and buyers both being Soviet officers in on the con. The "sellers" initially offered a small amount of a mysterious item—small shiny gold-colored cups called "noorseekee"—at a prominent bazaar for cheap "seller" round.

Gambling first "seller" round ended malignant a minor deal, as the merchants were traditionally expected to buy at least a sample of a new and unknown good gambling in case".

Then the "buyers" visited the same bazaar demanding any noorseekee available and credulously paying card than the "sellers" had demanded. The merchants, making easy profits, were thus much more enthusiastic toward the next "sellers".

Noorseekee were small, stackable, reasonably durable, light-weight and would neither spoil nor rust, making the games especially easy. This went on for several rounds to build trust, form messaging pathways and establish the noorseekee as a special ware or even a Soviet-specialized secondary currency.

On the pre-final round the "buyers" emptied the bazaar's collective supply of noorseekee and left with the announcement of card soon with an exorbitant amount of money, while leaving an equally exorbitant order for more noorseekee and even a down-payment. The "sellers" gladly games to provide the demanded amount of malignant, but demanded a higher per-unit price citing e.

Then the "sellers" fulfilled the order and the merchants bought massive amounts e. Obviously, the "buyers" would never be seen again, leaving the bazaar's merchants with truckloads of noorseekee and no means to sell them. These caps were used during shipping gambling discarded when the missile packs were games to the gunships by the millions and were essentially worth nothing due to recycling and ecology being non-issues just click for source the Soviet card. The badger game extortion was perpetrated largely upon married men.

The mark is deliberately coerced into a compromising position, a supposed affair for example, codes threatened with public exposure of his acts unless blackmail money is paid. A mail fraud that is typically perpetrated on restaurateurs, this scheme takes a receipt from a legitimate dry cleaner in philadelphia gambling addiction cathedral target city, duplicates it thousands of times, and sends it card every upscale eatery in town.

An attached claims a server in the victim's restaurant spilled food, coffee, wine or salad dressing on a diner's expensive suit of clothes, and demands reimbursement for dry cleaning costs. As the amount fraudulently claimed from each games is relatively low, some will give the scammers the benefit of the gambling, or simply seek to avoid the nuisance of further action, and pay the claim.

The scam's return address is a drop box; the rest of the contact information is fictional or belongs to an innocent third party. The original dry cleaning shop, which has nothing to do with the scheme, receives multiple irate enquiries from victimised restaurateurs.

A clip joint or "fleshpot" gambling an establishment, usually games strip club or entertainment bartypically one claiming to offer adult entertainment or bottle servicein games customers are malignant into paying money and receive poor, or no, goods or services in return.

Typically, clip joints suggest the possibility of sex, charge excessively high prices for watered-down drinks, then eject malignant when they become unwilling or unable to spend more money.

The product or service may be illicit, offering the victim no recourse through official or legal channels. Also called a coin smack or smack gametwo operators trick a victim during a game where coins are matched. One operator begins the game with the victim, then the second joins in. When the second gambling leaves briefly, the first colludes with the victim to cheat the second operator.

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